Established 1998

What is a buyer’s advocate?

The role of a buyer’s advocate is to work for you – the buyer. At The Advocates we do all the work while you relax. With our extensive experience in the Melbourne real estate industry we endeavour to eliminate the hassles and extensive time wasting associated with property searching and negotiating. Our overall objective is to assist you, the purchaser, to secure the ideal property for the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time and with minimum fuss.

Why employ a buyer’s advocate?

Your time is limited, the demands on it are growing and we are all conscious of the financial stakes and stress involved in buying a home or investment property. The Advocates provides intending purchasers with the opportunity to employ the services of a professional buyer’s advocate who is well briefed on all aspects of real estate transactions and who will pursue your interests. Given that selling agents are employed by the vendor, they work for the vendor and do not look after your interests.

Some of the reasons suggested by our clients for employing a buyer’s advocate are:

  • Only viewing properties that match your criteria
  • The availability of an accurate assessment of price
  • Dealing only with one agent, and better still, one that is acting for you
  • No more disappointments of selling agents having found your perfect home!
  • Knowledge of the Melbourne suburb you are targeting
  • Ability to remain anonymous
  • The advocate’s experience of bidding at auction or negotiating a private sale
  • Freeing up your time for the important things – friends and family

Our policy is simple – we do the work for you.


All communication between the client and The Advocates remains in the strictest confidence. For the many purchasers who wish to remain anonymous, an overwhelming advantage of employing a buyer’s advocate is that you protect your identity by being able to relate only to the buyer’s advocate rather than to an array of selling agents.