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Testimonials – Vendors

About 80 per cent of our business at The Advocates comes from referrals by previous clients, estate agents, financial institutions and media coverage, so it is imperative that our clients are totally satisfied with the service they receive. We have a 96 per cent success rate for happy clients – those who would recommend our business or utilise our services again. The comments below give a taste of responses received from our clients. Each of them testifies to our absolute commitment to securing them the best possible sales result.


 I could not be happier with the service and advice I received from The Advocates over the last 7 years or so. The whole process really nailed home the worth of using an advocate in the process.
– S Joyner
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 Michael’s understated personable manner, real estate experience and credentials provided reassurance; while his tough negotiation skills with agents ensured that we always received the best deal. Michael’s property inspection and preparation advice ensured the time, money and effort put into the preparation of my sister’s home for sale was focused on maximum return.
– B Cahill
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 The upshot was that Michael engaged an auctioneer / sales company with intimate knowledge of the area, vetted the proposal the agent made re advertising, sales process and all the other things we are not good at, attended the auction for us, negotiated a final price post-auction, recommended a conveyancer as well as someone to sell unwanted furniture and chattels, advised us on presentation, and did it all without costing us any more commission than if we had appointed a sales agent ourselves.
– J & D McDonald
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We were ecstatic, but our purchase has proved to be far better than we expected. Only 15 months later, in June 2015, the two-bedroom apartment above ours sold for $590,000 – $175,000 more than the price we paid the previous year.
– Emma
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Tony and Steve were recommended to us by a friend who had recently used them. Whilst we had used a Buyers Agent before, we had never used a Vendor Agent. We were delighted with the result! negotiated Tony researched the best real estate agents in the area and a very good commission rate on our behalf. He kept us informed of progress throughout the sales campaign and was a great sounding board for us as the auction got closer. In the end we achieved a sale at a price that we were very happy with.
– JM
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