Established 1998


B Cahill

To whom it may concern

Re: The Advocates

The stakes were high.

The successful sale of my late sister’s house was crucial to secure her daughter’s future financial security. Exhausted and stressed, I felt somewhat sceptical about the real estate profession and daunted by the task of a achieving a successful sale, especially at auction.

Thankfully my solicitor recommended Michael Ramsay at The Advocates Vendor Advocate Service. What a blessing and relief to have had someone inside real estate on our side!

Michael’s understated personable manner, real estate experience and credentials provided reassurance; while his tough negotiation skills with agents ensured that we always received the best deal. Michael’s property inspection and preparation advice ensured the time, money and effort put into the preparation of my sister’s home for sale was focused on maximum return.

Michael’s powerful skill set was evident in the negotiations with potential agents. Michael did the initial leg-work with the local agents and then arranged shortlisted real estate agent interviews and fee negotiations. Michael tapped into local real estate knowledge and ensured that all sales and marketing options were explored ahead of our final decision on marketing strategy, sale type and estate agent. Ultimately Michael built and led a strong and focused team, comprising client, agent and vendor advocate.

Michael was always the consummate professional; his approach was considerate, consultative, collaborative and timely. Michael listened and understood our needs, responding by promptly allowing us to achieve our seemly impossible goal of a guaranteed sale before Christmas. Throughout, Michael was actively engaged in spearheading the campaign. Always one step ahead, he kept us informed and involved and was always available to respond to our requests.

Thanks to Michael’s accurate assessment of the marketplace, Auction Day ran faultlessly and to plan. Michael expertly managed all the procedural demands of auction day yet remained responsive to the sensibilities of my family. My family were all pleased with the successful sale on the day and were grateful that this allowed us to move on.

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse and recommend Michael Ramsay and his Vendor Advocate Service and remain grateful to Michael’s support of me and my family during this difficult and vulnerable time.

Yours faithfully

B. Cahill