Our value

Our fees are typically a fraction of what we’ll save you when you engage us to find and secure your next home or investment property. We save you the valuable time and the high emotional cost associated with trying to find the perfect property that is just right for your needs. We can also introduce you to properties that aren’t listed with agents for sale – the untapped hidden property market. And most importantly, we’ll never let you pay one dollar more than it takes to secure the property of your dreams.

Full service

For sourcing, researching and securing a property for you, whether at auction or by private sale the fee is dependent on the areas you are looking, the complexity of the purchase, your budget and the extent of your brief. Bidding and negotiating are included as part of the service.

The fee is only payable once we are successful in securing the property.

An engagement fee of $2,000 plus GST is payable prior to the search commencing. This amount is deducted from the final invoice after we have secured a property on your behalf. The engagement fee is retained by The Advocates should you choose to stop the search before buying a property.

You’ll save money, time and emotional wear and tear by having us do all the hard work for you. You’ll also benefit from our market value analysis and negotiation expertise that ensures you will pay the lowest possible price for your dream property.

Securing a property that you have found

If you have already located the property that you wish to purchase we charge a flat fee based on success. The fee will depend on the location of the property, (we travel far and wide) the reporting required, whether you would like us to organise a building inspection and or have the contract reviewed and the amount of time envisaged to secure the property. All bidding and or negotiations are included in the fee. Should we not be successful we charge $550. The value we add through this service, and the money you will save, is usually well in excess of the cost.


We offer a consultancy service that can be used to establish information on a particular property, the market in general, investment information, or any other property matter. The cost for our consultancy work is $200 per hour, plus GST.

Vendor advocacy

Our vendor advocacy service is fee-free. For more information click here.

And finally – no risk!

All first appointments are without obligation and completely free of charge. If for any reason you’re not utterly convinced that we’re the team for you, that’s OK.

Our overall objective is to assist you, the purchaser, to secure the ideal property for the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time and with minimum fuss.