This was quite possibly the best financial decision we ever made! When we first began our search as first home buyers, we thought we knew it all. It was a long 8 months of searching, attending the wrong auctions, speaking to numerous Real Estate Agents that provided no assistance at all to us. To be perfectly honest we were naïve and needed help with this massive milestone we were wanting to achieve. It was when I was bidding at my first Auction, that Steve knocked the whole room over and took the win. I knew from then this man knew what he was doing!

We consulted formally with Steve & Tony in December and it just felt so right and we could feel a great sense of trust and that they were genuine – they only had our best interest at hand! As soon as we knew we were going ahead with Steve, the search became enjoyable again! We were optimistic and positive, and we were only looking at quality properties. Within 3 months we successfully found the perfect property and with the Auction passing in to us as the highest bidder, Steve was able to negotiate hard and we walked away with a fantastic property at an ever better price.

Steve & Tony listened and understood what our future goals were, not only choosing a property that suited us today – but for the future. I can’t wait to call Steve & Tony in the future to let them know we are ready to search for our next property! Again, this was the best decision Matt and I made! Thanks again.