It was late in November 2018 and we had decided to relocate to Sale. We place a deposit on the Sale house with the transaction subject to the sale of our Eltham home. The seller also had a condition that we sell our Eltham house by the end of December 2018.  Never having been involved in the sale or purchase of a house before we happily set off to the local auctioneer to proceed with the sale of our home.  It can’t be too difficult as lots of people do it every weekend.

Things were happening and everything seemed to be in order but we were starting to cool after our initial rush of excitement.  Meanwhile there were suggestions in the local press that the property market might be a bit overheated. In order to gauge the market we started attending local auctions. One such auction we attended not one bid was forthcoming from the attending crowd.  Whether this was due to the market or other factors we didn’t know but is was enough to make us stop and think what we were letting ourselves in for. Perhaps we needed some advice. We subsequently contacted our financial adviser with the result that he put us touch with The Advocates.

Following a phone call to The Advocates, Michael and Tony met with us and explained how they could assist us in selling our house. The good news was that it would not cost us anything as their fee would come from the auctioneer’s.  Michael or Tony attended at every weekly open house and followed up with the interested buyers. 

The house was scheduled to go to auction a week before Christmas.  At about this time the papers forecasted that the Sydney/Melbourne property markets may be about to fall. This caused all sorts of doubts to race through our mind. What have we done, are we doing the right thing, should we wait until the market improves before selling.  We were becoming unsettled with doubts of what to do.  A subsequent visit and some straight talk from Michael strengthened our backbone and we resolved to continue. A week or two later Tony was able to negotiate an agreeable offer from one of the attendees at the weekly inspections. The house was subsequently withdraw from auction and the rest as they say, is history.

Without Michael’s and Tony’s guidance and knowledge of the property market we shudder to think what might have been. There were times when we had our doubts but The Advocates kept our spirits up and our eyes on the ball for which we are thankful. And the best part, the final price, through their efforts was higher than that initially quoted by the auctioneer prior to the price fall.

A job well done, and all thanks to Michael and Tony.

All the best for the future guys.

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The Millers

I could not be happier with the service and advice I received from The Advocates over the last 7 years or so. The whole process really nailed home the worth of using an advocate in the process.
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S Joyner

The upshot was that Michael engaged an auctioneer / sales company with intimate knowledge of the area, vetted the proposal the agent made re advertising, sales process and all the other things we are not good at, attended the auction for us, negotiated a final price post-auction, recommended a conveyancer as well as someone to sell unwanted furniture and chattels, advised us on presentation, and did it all without costing us any more commission than if we had appointed a sales agent ourselves.
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J & D McDonald