property advisory melbourne

The Advocates Property Advisory will deliver:

Time savings - so you can focus on work and family

Exposure to listings that exactly fit your criteria

Confidential dealings with one party from start to finish

A more efficient search to get your dream property sooner

Industry experts chasing the best deal for you

Overseeing paperwork with agents and conveyancers

Access to public, private and exclusive listings

Connections to selling agents all over Geelong and Melbourne

Total anonymity at all times

As property advocates in Geelong and in Melbourne we can save you:

Spending weeks, months or even years looking for the perfect property

Unnecessary strain on your family, relationships, or business

Real estate agents showing you properties that are not ‘on brief’

Price negotiation and settlement conditions that suit the vendor, not you

Confusion and stress dealing with the property purchase process

Uncertainty around changing markets and resale potential

Vulnerability with contracts

Although we can provide basic commentary on contracts, we recommend you seek professional approval for contracts before signing. We can, upon request, organise this service for you.