Our engagement fee for our full service is $2,200 inclusive of GST and payable prior to services commencing.

This amount is deducted from the final invoice after we have secured a property on your behalf. The engagement fee is retained by The Advocates should you choose to stop the search before buying a property.

Securing a property you have found

If you have already found a property that you want to purchase, we will propose an all-inclusive fee depending on:

  • travel time
  • level of reporting required
  • building inspections
  • contract reviews

Any bidding or negotiations are included in this fee. If the sale is not secured, our service charge is $550 inclusive of GST

The value we add through this service, and the money you will save, is usually well in excess of the cost.


Under our flexible property advisory services in Geelong and Melbourne, we can create a report on a particular property, the market in general, investment information, or any other property matter. The cost is $220 per hour.

Vendor advocacy

Our vendor advocacy service is free. For more information click here.

Our overall objective is to assist you, the purchaser, to secure the ideal property for the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time and with minimum fuss.