Michael Ramsay assisted us with the purchase of a city apartment some five years ago, and we were very pleased with his work at that time. Having decided to sell it we rang him on the off-chance he might have a client looking for an apartment, and before we engaged an agent. He did not, but told us he was now also working as an ‘owner/seller’s agent’ as well as a buyer’s agent, and could assist us with the sales process if that would be of assistance. As we now live in Queensland, this was a perfect fit for us.

The upshot was that Michael engaged an auctioneer / sales company with intimate knowledge of the area, vetted the proposal the agent made re advertising, sales process and all the other things we are not good at, attended the auction for us, negotiated a final price post-auction, recommended a conveyancer as well as someone to sell unwanted furniture and chattels, advised us on presentation, and did it all without costing us any more commission than if we had appointed a sales agent ourselves. Further, he kept us fully informed at each step along the way whilst we remained in Queensland, making the whole exercise stress-free; and we got near enough to our asking price in a falling and somewhat uncertain market. An excellent outcome.

We have now had Michael work for us as both a buyer’s and seller’s agent, and have no hesitation in recommending him in either capacity. We will certainly use him again should we ever decide to purchase in Melbourne or nearby.