We provide a free vendors advocacy service for people selling homes or investments.

We have many years’ experience in real estate, so we understand the challenges that most vendors face.

That’s why we want you to have access to the very best knowledge, contacts, tools and strategies to make your sale a success.

We can manage the entire sales campaign on your behalf to save you time and reduce stress.

We can:

Help you choose a reputable selling agent, best suited for the task.

Make sure an accurate figure of the value of the property is established/sensible reserve set

Negotiate a fair and reasonable selling commission with the selling agent

Ensure you, as the vendor, is not subjected to any forceful tactics that would result in an unsatisfactory result ie private negotiation, public auction, premature placement on the open market

Meet with the selling agent and keep you regularly updated on buyer feedback

Plan and implement a relevant and cost-effective marketing campaign

Styling tips for the best possible property presentation for open houses and/or auction – connecting you to furniture rental and maintenance contractors if required

We offer a complimentary property advisory service in Geelong and Melbourne because we are remunerated by the selling agent with no inflated cost to you.