Providing expert advice

For many years we have been entrusted by foreign investors to purchase houses and land in Australia on their behalf.

As a seasoned buyers advocate in Geelong and Melbourne, we clearly understand the Australian Government’s guidelines and limitations. Any property purchase must first be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and approval is subject to various strict conditions:

Purchasing an existing property

You must hold a temporary resident visa in Australia for more than 12 months

You must live in the property

Once you leave Australia you must sell the property

You can’t rent the property during your stay in Australia or after you leave the country

If your visa expires you must sell the property

Purchasing new, or ‘off-the-plan’ property

Foreign investors who do not hold an Australian visa may purchase a property that:

Has not previously been occupied or sold and that is part of a development,

Is ‘off the plan’ from a development that has either not commenced or has not completed construction (only 50 per cent of any development is allowed to be sold to foreign investors).

Purchasing vacant land

If you purchase a vacant block of land you must start building within 12 months of receiving foreign investment approval.

If you are a foreign investor, the appointment of a buyers advocate in Geelong or Melbourne will provide you with the advice and guidance you need to make your investment a success.