To whom it may concern

It is with great confidence that I recommend Michael Ramsay’s services as a Buyer’s Advocate. Michael’s services not only saved us time, energy and stress but also money as a result of Michael’s auction strategies.

From day one Michael was professional, up front and very quickly understood our requirements. He looked at a large number of houses but only asked us to view houses that met our criteria. He was also able to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the houses he showed us and offered sound and realistic advice on the price range expected. In additional, since Michael has so many contacts in the business he often got access to homes that had not yet been advertised or even listed with other agents.

By the time we contacted Michael we had very limited time to find a house and we were starting to become desperate to buy and therefore had began to lower our expectations. It was Michael who reminded us of our criteria and persuaded us not to compromise our standards. He talked us out of purchasing an inappropriate house and encouraged us to continue with the search and restored our belief that the type of house we were looking for did exist.

The house we ended up buying was found within a few weeks and Michael was very accurate with his estimate of the expected price. That took a great deal of anguish and disappointment out of the auction process as on-the-spot decisions were avoided. We are now very happy with our purchase and are relieved we did not fall into the trap of panic buying.

We also chose to have Michael bid for us at the auction and believe that this saved us money as he was able to recognise genuine bidders from dummy bidders and understand the ‘games’ played at the auction. As a result we believe we saved at least his fee on the purchase price of the home.

Michael also behaved in a professional manner at all times. He was courteous, punctual and showed respect for our wishes and instructions. I would be more than happy to recommend Michael Ramsay’s consulting services to those trying to find their ideal home.

Yours sincerely

Katrina Jordan