To whom it may concern

We first decided to use a buyer’s advocate for three main reasons. Firstly we wanted to maintain some privacy and not have real estate agents calling us every week trying to sell us the perfect property. Secondly we believed that an advocate would open up a wider choice of properties through private sales etc. And thirdly, because we were convinced that an advocate’s professional knowledge and relationships would save us a lot of time and money.

After meeting with several advocates we quickly decided to work with Michael as we felt he was the most honest and professional, and the best fit for our personalities, which was important for a successful conclusion.

Throughout the six months that we searched for the perfect family home, Michael was thorough, enthusiastic, and completely flexible as our focus constantly changed. He continually reviewed available properties with us, often providing other comparative real estate information, or other services to help establish the correct value of a home.

When we finally found the property we wanted, and became quite emotional, Michael became the voice of reason, and successfully negotiated a sale on our behalf without spending a significant amount of money that we had allowed him. We strongly believe Michael’s expert knowledge of the real estate market and his professional relationships with other agents gave us the leading edge in securing our house.

We met all our goals through working with Michael, and would not hesitate to use his services again.


Lisa Dowd