My experience with you has been one to remember, being a first home buyer not really knowing what to look for, how to do research, learning things such as flood zones and all the warning signs that come with buying a house has been fabulous.
“This experience has taught me a lot and given me great confidence in my now home.
“For me this wasn’t just about myself, but it was about making a home for myself and my sister due to the loss of our parents. By having Steve with me to help along the way really gave me what I needed. He was understanding to my needs, was helpful in the explanation of what we should and shouldn’t look for and really gave me the guidance that your parents would.

“I would highly recommend using The Advocates when looking for a home, whether it be a first, third or final home. The money didn’t seem to suffice the amount of help that I received. It was on-going and I truly felt as though no question was a stupid one.
“One best experience of my life with the greatest advice, utmost respect and understanding.
“Now my first house is my first home and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of The Advocates team.